Bald and Bold

Carolien Sikkenk has photographed women that have become bald. 75% of them due to chemotherapy. The remaining 25% of them have Alopecia, an auto-immune sickness that usually causes permanent hair loss. Two different causes with the same outcome.

For most of these women is being bald a remarkably drastic experience. They may view it as losing a part of their femininity. Through these photo series, Carolien Sikkenk  seeks to shed a different light to this perception: As the hair falls off, a different beauty reveals itself. Other facial features stand out: beautiful cheek bones, smiley freckles, the shape of the lips, the look in the eyes. The hair does not draw attention away from the pure beauty of the face. Faces unadorned with hair, so strong, so feminine.  

The women appearing in the photo series age between 17 to 72 years. Mustering courage on their part was necessary to have bald portraits of themselves made. These women are not only ‘bald’ but ‘BOLD’. 


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